How Visioning Overcomes Procrastination

How Visioning Overcomes Procrastination

By Glenn A. Williams

One of the biggest problems readers of my book “Visioning” tell me they face is getting started – i.e. getting themselves to write down their vision = procrastination. They purchase my book but put off reading it, they delay scheduling a visioning retreat, they postpone finalising their vision. 

You see, people can be slippery. They can avoid committing themselves. Not having a vision is a form of security – if you don’t have goals and aspirations, you can’t fail in life (and work), right?

Dealing with oneself (in order to change oneself) is not easy, as I wrote about in a previous article.

That’s because visioning is an intervention – it literally involves intervening in your own life. 

The process of visioning can also be confronting because it involves meeting your future self. Your brain treats your future self like a stranger, and you therefore have less empathy for that person.

If you’ve ever wondered about the neuroscience of how and why visioning actually works, here’s a great, short, explainer video.

It turns out that procrastination is an emotion-focused coping response. It's not a problem with your time management.

The nub: you have to decide what matters most to you and do whatever it takes to get started.

To learn more, here’s an article entitled “Procrastination, Explained by Sciencewhere I first came across the above video.