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Visioning Book Summary

Discover some of the core ideas in Visioning without having to read the book.

Are you interested in reading Visioning by Glenn A. Williams but want to learn more about the ideas in this book first? Reading book summaries can be a great first step before investing your limited time and money in too many books.

Sara Saddington from Actionable Books recently produced a summary of Glenn’s book Visioning: Creating the Life of Your Dreams.

Read Sara's review below:

"Visioning: Creating the Life of Your Dreams by Glenn A. Williams provides an inspiring introduction to the process of envisioning a successful life. Part instructional manual, part gorgeous coffee table book, the process of reading Visioning is both immersive and inspiring. The beautiful photographs throughout the book invoke serenity and introspection, and are balanced nicely with actionable advice for imagining a successful life. Williams walks us through the steps required to envision what our life will look like when we consider the questions: What do you really want for your life? Why is that a meaningful pursuit? What are you dreaming about, but not doing?"

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