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Glenn helped me make a successful career transition from football to basketball after I accepted my first CEO appointment, orienting me to the role so the board and I could develop a winning strategy.
Graeme Allen
CEO, Dandenong Basketball Association
Time with Glenn is a break from focusing on other people, to better understand myself and develop insights. Cultivating vision. Reflecting on progress. Invaluable for regularly recharging my batteries.
Peter Cleary
Founder & Managing Director, Zinc Group
Glenn was of enormous assistance. We worked together in a very laid-back fashion, meeting for coffee or lunch once per week. I was able to ride the changes, stay relaxed and keep my sense of humor.
Bob Pound
Managing Director, RJ Pound Services
Thank you from the bottom of my heart Glenn. You believed in my abilities. You got me to focus on the business in a way I was made to believe I couldn’t. As a result, we’ve won several industry awards.
Louise Ward
Director, Yarra Valley Estate & Edible Forest Yarra Valley
Read the stories of our trusted clients who have navigated complex growth, succession and structural transformation with expert stewardship by Glenn A. Williams.
I’ve participated in other programs for CEOs and directors. Nothing addressed my needs in a fast-track, personalized way like working with Glenn. A must for anyone wanting more out of life and business.
Paul Wheelton OAM
Chair, The Wheelton Group
Glenn helped me clarify my vision, design a strategy and formulate a plan to make progress. This included internationalizing our business, which inspired me to relocate myself to live in the USA.
Sarah Findlay
Founder, Dawn til Dusk
Glenn helped me successfully navigate the dual succession of both the Founder/Chairman plus the outgoing CEO of a 20 years old ASX listed business to make a successful transition into the CEO role.
Matthew Chun
CEO, Becton Ltd
Prior to meeting Glenn, I lacked clarity in relation to my future aspirations. A truly inspirational program resulting in the clarity to confidently and actively plan my future pathway forward.
Angela Young
CEO, Strauman

Let Glenn help guide your journey

“Leading the rapid growth of our developing global business is exciting but challenging. Even before we grew to 300+ people spread across 14 different countries, Glenn helped our leadership team develop and install a strategic guidance system that linked organization wide priorities to personal productivity. In parallel, our 1-1 time together provided me with time for reflection and a bit of a break from focusing on other people, to better understand myself and develop insights. The opportunity to cultivate my personal vision and reflect on our progress was invaluable for regularly recharging my batteries.”

Peter Cleary
Founder & Managing Director, Zinc Group

“Glenn provided invaluable strategic guidance and direction for our business as our board and leadership team addressed the challenge of executing our succession plan. This involved preparing the business for sale, a successful Founder CEO succession and culminated with an attractive trade sale outcome to an international buyer; all within five years of engaging Glenn.”

Shaun Farrell
Regional Sales Director, Talogy

“When I needed to replace myself as the Managing Director of our business operations in the USA to focus on our traditional markets in Europe and support the growth of our business is Australasia, we engaged Glenn to help develop a succession pathway for one of our senior managers to enter the ownership structure of our group. Glenn was exceptional. He brought his diplomatic style to the virtual, cross-cultural negotiation table to help us design, negotiate and implement a prudent pathway forward for all stakeholders involved. As a Founder, I’ve since turned to Glenn as a strategic thinking partner for expert counsel at pivotal points in the development of our global business portfolio. Highly recommended – a quintessential, old-school professional.”

Franck Janet
Founder & Managing Partner, Consulting Positions

“When the Founder & Managing Director of our business told me it was time to implement our succession plan, I sought Glenn’s expert advisory support to ensure my successful transition into the Managing Director role. As a Successor, I was keen for our leadership team to develop a shared vision that respected the heritage of our Founder’s legacy. Yet, we needed a strategy for unlocking untapped potential within the team and the business. Glenn has expertly and wisely guided our leadership team over the past seven years through a period of significant growth. Glenn is now working diligently with my future Successor, preparing our business for the next leadership transition. If you’re looking for world-class business succession advisory support, look no further.”

Robert Sarafov
Managing Director, APC

“Glenn assisted the board prepare for the retirement and replacement of the CEO, who had served in the position for over 35 years. Subsequently Glenn has mentored our new CEO, cultivating his strategic leadership. Glenn is highly intelligent. He has extensive experience in governance and management. His ability to think ‘outside the box’ is an invaluable asset.”

Dr Stephen Duffy
Chair, Australian Boys Choir

“Glenn helped me navigate the dual succession of both the Founder/Chairman of 20 years plus the outgoing CEO of an ASX listed property development business to make a successful transition into the CEO role. Glenn subsequently assisted me develop an integrated vision, strategy and plan for the business that embraced the heritage of the past whilst unlocking the untapped potential of the future.”

Matthew Chun
Executive General Manager, AFL

“Through Glenn’s consistent dedication and calm persistence, the Directors of our business group have learned how to become a functional Board, working as a true team to effectively guide business decisions. Overall, we are now on a much more strategic approach to growth and better navigating change.”

Pete Williams
Group CEO, The Infiniti Group
Professor of Practice, Deakin University
Non-Executive Chair, WeRide Australia

“Glenn delivers exceptional presentations on strategic leadership for our members across Australia and New Zealand. Consistently one of our highest rated presenters, Glenn is outstanding; a true class act.”

Claudette Clausen
Program Director, The CEO Institute

“The tools and techniques you shared with us will be of immense value with preparations for our upcoming strategic review retreat. Your workshop was so well structured and paced and provided participants with the opportunity to actually develop their strategy.”

Harvey J. Martin
Chair, The Executive Connection

“Glenn has a unique ability to actively listen and absorb key information and to then reflect on this and find the best way forward to the issues or opportunities articulated. He always seems to find a great pathway forward from any situation that is described to him. There is also a quiet confidence that Glenn has that I have observed seems to reliably bring out the best in people that he works with.”

Paul Heubner
CEO, Pentarch Forestry

“Having worked together continuously for a decade, Glenn is sufficiently familiar with my individual context – the businesses and the people within my world. Within this broad shared context, we have dialogue that produces rich insight and uncommon foresight. In essence, Glenn ensures I get out in front of the game and stay out in front of the game. This gives me the clarity and confidence to successfully lead critical conversations.”

Robert Reed
Founder and CEO, HealthRFID Angel Investor

“Change takes time. It takes trust and yes, some investment. However, we are now in a much better place emotionally and enjoy a greater sense of security. After 40+ years of working in the business, making investments plus taking risks, we can see ourselves starting to tangibly stand out from our competitors – many of whom are simply saying “too hard” and closing their doors. The hard work is in front of you if you decide to engage Glenn, but you can count on Glenn to be in your corner. Glenn is a consummate professional, absolutely trustworthy. Glenn knows when it is time to push you versus when all you need is a confidential shoulder to cry on.”

Philippe Luder & Erica Luder
Directors,Tivoli Hi-Fi
Directors, Audio Dynamics ​

“One could write a number of superlatives about Glenn. Not only about what he achieved quietly in his capacity as a CEO but across the spectrum of his activities. Nonetheless, the final word must be left to self-evident truths as to his leadership in helping develop many businesses and by the multitude of directors and executives whom I have met who have been graced by Glenn’s inspiration and direction.”

Walter McNally
Chair, Grapevine Wine Wholesalers

“Glenn helped draw out my own ideas – he knew how to ask the right questions to define a problem and turn it into an opportunity.”

Kelvin Burns
Director, Nintendo Australia

“Glenn has a great ability to think outside the square and challenge you to perform well beyond your comfort zone. His sources of information and business contacts enables rapid progress to be made on the chosen projects. I have participated in other programs for CEOs and directors, but nothing has addressed my needs in a fast-track and personalised way like working with Glenn. A must for anyone wanting more out of life and business.”

Paul Wheelton OAM
Chair, The Wheelton Group

“Working with Glenn is like having someone who can fly alongside me and drag me up from 10,000 feet to 50,000 feet. I relish Glenn’s capacity to work across the spectrum of short-term tactics to longer-term strategy development.”

James Horne
CEO, Balance Internet

“I have known Glenn for 25+ years. Glenn is an excellent listener, with a knack of picking the areas that need drilling into. He is a deep thinker, but very much focused on actionable outcomes. He is very widely read, excellent at taking the best elements of different concepts, and combining them into a practical framework to address the issues at hand. I highly recommend Glenn. He is excellent to work with, professional, and thought provoking.”

Peter Crock
CEO, Cann Group Ltd
Chair, Medicinal Cannabis Industry Australia

“Glenn is a knowledgeable, strategic thinker who can help you get clear on what it is you need to do and then importantly, focus on doing it, even when it stretches you to venture into unfamiliar territory.”

Lee-Anne Molony
Partner & Principal Consultant, Clear Horizon Consulting

“Anyone who is serious about achieving a big scary decision, taking the next step in their business / career or following their passion would benefit from engaging with Glenn. Expect gentleness to encourage reflection, but the kind of firmness that doesn’t allow you to cop out when things get difficult or too hard.”

David Kelly
Founder & Managing Director, KHQ Lawyers

“Glenn's personal style reminds me of reading, or perhaps even writing, a good novel. The characterisation develops slowly and deeply, as he finds a way to extract what is really important with the promise of a great story always hovering. The plot begins to unfold as he works to help chart a course without losing sight of meaning and still being able to manage the sub-plots that develop along the way.”

Andrew Thoseby
CEO & Director, 1st Executive
Board Director, NPA Worldwide

“Glenn is one of those people you want to work with. His commitment to people being the best they can be is second to none. His ability to listen and provide you with the answer in a way in which you can experience discovering that answer for yourself is remarkable. His vast experience in business theory and practice is inspiring. He is someone you want on your team.”

Chris Wayland
Senior Manager Global Applications Initiatives Worley

“I would highly recommend Glenn to anyone wanting clarity and guidance in advancing their personal and professional aspirations.”

William Hughes
Vice-President Natural Resources, Deutsche Bank

The Succession Pathway

Glenn A. Williams has authored the guide to business transition called “The Succession Pathway” for founder-led businesses and non-founder-led businesses. Whether you are currently experiencing the complexities of steering your empire through succession or contemplating a succession transition in the coming years, “The Succession Pathway” will prudently orient you to this critical leadership challenge.

Glenn’s experience as the world-class succession advisor for over three decades means he has personally traversed almost every opportunity and challenge a founder, successor, business, board, shareholder and leadership team can face.

He has captured his most critically essential thinking in this clear, concise and effective guide.

The Succession Pathway​

Download Glenn A. Williams’ e-book “The Succession Pathway​” to guide you through the complexities of succession planning.