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Prior to meeting Glenn, I lacked clarity in relation to my future aspirations. A truly inspirational program resulting in the clarity to confidently and actively plan my future pathway forward.
Angela Young
CEO, Strauman
Glenn helped me clarify my vision, design a strategy and formulate a plan to make progress. This included internationalizing our business, which inspired me to relocate myself to live in the USA.
Sarah Findlay
Founder, Dawn til Dusk
Glenn was of enormous assistance. We worked together in a very laid-back fashion, meeting for coffee or lunch once per week. I was able to ride the changes, stay relaxed and keep my sense of humor.
Bob Pound
Managing Director, RJ Pound Services
Glenn helped me successfully navigate the dual succession of both the Founder/Chairman plus the outgoing CEO of a 20 years old ASX listed business to make a successful transition into the CEO role.
Matthew Chun
CEO, Becton Ltd
Read the stories of our trusted clients who have navigated complex growth, succession and structural transformation with expert stewardship by Glenn A. Williams.
I’ve participated in other programs for CEOs and directors. Nothing addressed my needs in a fast-track, personalized way like working with Glenn. A must for anyone wanting more out of life and business.
Paul Wheelton OAM
Chair, The Wheelton Group
Glenn helped me make a successful career transition from football to basketball after I accepted my first CEO appointment, orienting me to the role so the board and I could develop a winning strategy.
Graeme Allen
CEO, Dandenong Basketball Association
Thank you from the bottom of my heart Glenn. You believed in my abilities. You got me to focus on the business in a way I was made to believe I couldn’t. As a result, we’ve won several industry awards.
Louise Ward
Director, Yarra Valley Estate & Edible Forest Yarra Valley
Time with Glenn is a break from focusing on other people, to better understand myself and develop insights. Cultivating vision. Reflecting on progress. Invaluable for regularly recharging my batteries.
Peter Cleary
Founder & Managing Director, Zinc Group

Let Glenn help guide your journey

The Succession Pathway

Glenn A. Williams has authored the guide to business transition called “The Succession Pathway” for founder-led businesses and non-founder-led businesses. Whether you are currently experiencing the complexities of steering your empire through succession or contemplating a succession transition in the coming years, “The Succession Pathway” will prudently orient you to this critical leadership challenge.

Glenn’s experience as the world-class succession advisor for over three decades means he has personally traversed almost every opportunity and challenge a founder, successor, business, board, shareholder and leadership team can face.

He has captured his most critically essential thinking in this clear, concise and effective guide.

“Glenn helped me navigate the dual succession of both the Founder/Chairman of 20 years plus the outgoing CEO of an ASX listed property development business to make a successful transition into the CEO role. Glenn subsequently assisted me develop an integrated vision, strategy and plan for the business that embraced the heritage of the past whilst unlocking the untapped potential of the future.”

Matthew Chun
Executive General Manager, AFL

The Succession Pathway​

Download Glenn A. Williams’ e-book “The Succession Pathway​” to guide you through the complexities of succession planning.